Video Tutorials for Teachers and Students


1. Getting Started

Signing up for a Teacher account and adding Students.

2. Digital Payments

Understanding and enabling Students to do Online Payments.

3. Timetable / Scheduling

Learn how to maintain timings and events for your Batches.

4. Attendance

Automated delivery of attendance to parents and performance review.

5. Shared Cloud Storage

A brief look on how to share files, notes and lectures with Students easily.

6. Recorded Video

The easiest way to upload recorded videoes and share with Students.

7. Exams & Assignments

Host and hold different types of exams and assignments through Edutech.

8. Forums

Topic based forums for Students and Teachers to talk in.


1. Getting Started

Signing up and creating a Student Account.

2. Online Tuition Payments

How to pay online tuition payments through Mobile and Laptop.