A Professional Educational Experience

  • Manage like a Pro

    Introduce your Students and Parents to a Professional Educational Experience. Your Classrooms will stand out from all the rest and drive Student satisfaction and traffic.

  • Do More

    Offer Services other Classrooms cannot. EMI Local Payments and International Paypal Payment, Automated Attendance and Assesments just to name a few. Your classrooms will be always be ahead of the rest and on the cutting-edge.

  • Stay Connected

    Our Dedicated iOS and Android Phone Apps mean Students and Parents are always notified automatically about any and all progress.


Popular Features

  • Integrated SMS Services
  • Digital Payments through popular apps such as bKash, NexusPay, Rocket and 23 Top Local Banks
  • Integrated EMI Services from 19 Banks
  • Advanced Exam Statistics and Visualisation
  • Roll Call Taker and Attendance Visualisation
  • Student - Teacher integrated shared storage
  • Payment Tracking of both Cash and Online Payments
  • Direct End to End Messaging with Notification Service
  • Automated Schedule and Calender Event Updates to Students
  • Homework / Assignment creator with automated mark checking
  • Paid recorded Video / Class Content
  • Auto import data and setup from Google Classroom
  • Dedicated Parents Notification and auto report card generator

Make and Sell Paid Recorded Content

Open up your business to the reach of Students all over the world!

Super Easy to Setup

Sign-up and send your Students the Admission Link..

....Or just import everyone and connect them to Edutech from your Google Classroom


Distributed Online Checking

Go Paper-less and check all your assignments on any device! Dedicated assistant hub so your TA can check all of your copies anywhere and on any device.

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Edutech Market-Place

The best and easiest way to sell your Courses online. We have bought together all Educational Services under one platform allowing you to take the next step in your Teaching in a Changing Digital Landscape!
The Widest and Best range of Free and Paid Courses to jump-start all of your Learning!
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Edutech for Mobile is now LIVE

You can now access Edutech all time - any time!

  • Dashboard

  • On-Demand Video / Files

  • Timetable / Calendar

  • Video Meetings

PushNotif Payments Assignments Forums Home Video Timetable / Calendar Conference
Home Video Timetable / Calendar Conference PushNotif Payments Assignments Forums
  • Push Notifications

  • Online App Payments

  • Online Assignments

  • Forum Style Topics Discussions


On-Demand Video / Files

Timetable / Calendar

Video Meetings

Push Notifications

Online App Payments

Online Assignments

Forum Style Topics Discussions

Edutech is great for..

Any Teacher / Institution looking to digitize their classrooms

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Edutech is committed to ushering in the Classrooms of Tomorrow

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